Moorland Waldorf School

600 for 60

Moorland Waldorf is based at The Village College in Botton which has been home to a Steiner Waldorf school for over sixty years.   The previous Botton School welcomed over 600 pupils through its doors until it closed in 2016, to be replaced by Moorland Waldorf.

Botton School alumni live all over the world and work in many different fields.  In 2020 there were plans to celebrate the 60th anniversary of a school in Botton at a large summer event.  As things turned out this was prevented by the coronavirus epidemic but we still plan to celebrate once the pandemic is over.

In the meantime, we keep in touch with alumni through our 600 for 60 Facebook page, where one of our aims is to find as many of the 600+ ex-pupils of Botton School as we can.   If you’re reading this and were a pupil at the school who we haven’t found so far, please do get in touch!