Moorland Waldorf School

and Management

Eskdale Community Trust for Education

Moorland Waldorf is managed by the Eskdale Community Trust for Education (ECTE). We hope that all new families will join the Trust (there is no membership fee) when their child starts at Moorland Waldorf. In this way families may play a part in the strategic direction of the Trust.   The Annual General Meeting of the Trust is open to all members and is normally held in December. Trust members also receive regular updates from the Board.

The Board of Trustees (Council) is drawn from ECTE members.  We welcome parent trustees.  Vacancies for trustees are advertised to all members and to the wider school community.

The Board is responsible for the day-to-day business management of the Trust and of Moorland Waldorf School, for the overall health and safety of staff and pupils, and takes a keen interest in the academic life of the school.

The current Chair of the Board is Linda Parker. She may be contacted by email through 

The College of Teachers

Moorland Waldorf has no head teacher.  Responsibility for day-to-day academic matters and pastoral care rests with the College of Teachers which meets on a weekly basis.    Members of College include the main class teachers in Kindergarten and Main School.


The school administrator is often the first point of contact with the school.  The school office is fully staffed during school opening hours.

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