Moorland Waldorf School

How Moorland
Waldorf is different

Many things make Moorland Waldorf School different from other independent and state schools.

Moorland Waldorf – an extraordinary educational experience for your child and your family:

  • Our teaching is driven what is best for the whole child and the curriculum directly reflects the developmental stages of childhood.
  • We value the natural world and spiritual aspects of human existence, as well as academic excellence.
  • The curriculum is based on principles of child development, not measured by other success criteria.
  • We use the arts, creative activities and the spoken word (through storytelling and poetry) to support academic development.
  • Certain activities, not always emphasised in mainstream schools, are central to the curriculum at the Moorland Waldorf School: art, music, handwork/woodwork, outdoor learning, and two foreign languages.
  • We make full use of our beautiful outdoor environment, integrating outdoor activities into our main curriculum.
  • The class teacher stays with the same class for several years developing a strong educational bond as the teacher gains a deep understanding of each child’s unique learning style.
  • Learning is non-competitive. The teacher writes a detailed evaluation of each child at the end of each school year.
  • The use of electronic media by young children is discouraged in our school.

Visit us!  You will learn much more from a visit to our school. Please contact us to book a time.

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