Moorland Waldorf School

A clear vision
and strong values

Moorland Waldorf offers a uniquely different education.

Our vision

We aim to create a thriving, outward-looking educational community with our school at its heart. Our school is currently small but our vision is grand – a Waldorf school which is open to all, where children learn to value themselves and others and have the best possible start to their education upon which they will be able to build for the rest of their lives.

Our values

We respect the uniqueness of each child.

We offer an unhurried and joyful learning environment in which we are committed to the development and education of the whole child, helping each individual to make the full use of their innate qualities, skills, talents, abilities and unique potential.

We challenge our pupils academically, artistically, and physically.

Inclusive education is important to us. We welcome families, teachers and staff from diverse social, cultural, religious, ethnic, racial, and economic backgrounds.

We respect our environment, integrate it into our teaching and make conscious efforts to protect it.

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