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How to Apply

Our aim is to provide an open point of entry for all to both our kindergarten and our school. We wish to be welcoming to new and prospective families, encouraging them to become part of an active school community. We hope that you will feel able to express your thoughts and share your questions.

We follow a simple process, which keeps you informed at each stage of the application procedure. The process is described below.


1. Enquiries 

We welcome all enquiries. Your address and telephone number will be noted and you will be given details of expectations regarding financial and practical contributions in support of the school. You will be invited to make an informal visit to the school.

2. Visits, Open Mornings and School Events 

We strongly recommend that you visit the school prior to completing your application form. Please see our website or contact the school administrator (; 01287 661206) for details of forthcoming open mornings or other school events or to arrange an informal visit.  Please note that during the coronavirus pandemic we may not be able to offer open mornings or events.

3. Application Form and Acknowledgement 

Once you have visited the school and decided to proceed with your application, you will need to complete and return our pupil admission form. Please also let the school have a copy of your child’s birth certificate, copies of any previous educational reports from other settings your child may have attended and any medical or other reports that might help the school to meet your child’s needs. The form can be downloaded here or obtained from the school office. Please send the form and supporting documents to:

The Administrator
Moorland Waldorf School
YO21 2NJ

We aim to acknowledge your application within about five working days. If you have not already visited the school, you will be invited to do so. If any information or documents are missing from your application, we will contact you to request them.

4. Acceptance 

Moorland Waldorf School is committed to providing equal opportunities for all children and will do its best to meet the individual needs of all applicants where this is reasonably possible.  See the Choosing our School section for information on how we get to know your child before they take up their place.

If your application is not accepted the school will send you a letter, within five days of making its decision, explaining why your child has not been successful. You will have the right to appeal against the school’s decision within fifteen days of receipt of the school’s letter. The letter will outline the appeal procedure.

For your child to remain in the school you will be expected to honour any financial commitment you enter into and to take part in the annual programme of fundraising and practical activities that supports the school.