Moorland Waldorf School

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Kindergarten Fees

Children must attend Kindergarten for a minimum of two morning sessions per week.

Kindergarten hours are 8.30am – 12.10p.m: Monday – Thursday.

Number of mornings per week Weekly fees
2 £40
3 £60
Open to all, but recommended for children aged 5 -6
This is a reduced rate to encourage parents of over 5s to send their children for four days.

Additional child care outside of Kindergarten hours

We offer three sessions per week of afternoon care, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12.15pm to 3.15pm to help working families and parents who travel longer distances to get to school.  These play sessions are open to all children who attend the morning Kindergarten session. They do not include the same activities as Kindergarten.  We strongly recommend that you do not substitute care sessions for Kindergarten.

Afternoon care costs £15 per session.   Sessions must be booked monthly in advance and will be billed separately.  Early Years Funding can no longer be used in part payment for these sessions.  If additional sessions are occasionally required (and agreed in advance with staff), a separate invoice will be raised for payment directly into the Trust’s bank account.

Children who stay on for afternoon care should bring a packed lunch.

Main School Fee 2021-22

Children attend Main School every day, with a half day on Friday.  Younger pupils have a staggered start and may go into afternoon care sessions in their first term if the class teacher feels that a play session would be appropriate.

The fee for the main school for the academic year is £3,500 per annum.

This is payable termly or half termly in advance by electronic bank transfer in three payments of £1,167.00 or six payments of £583.33.