Moorland Waldorf School

A wintery project

In January and February, we had a lot of snow and ice on the Moors.  It was lockdown and the school was temporarily closed, so being able to get outside and enjoy the winter weather was much welcomed by both the children and their parents. 

It was also a lucky coincidence that one of the topics for this term is Norse mythology – it was certainly the weather for it!    As part of the topic, the children were told the story of Iduna in which the goddess Iduna is taken by a frost giant and held captive. 

The children were asked to imagine where the frost giant might have taken Iduna and to create an ice castle or palace.  You can see by our photos just how amazing the results were!  The children were encouraged to build a fire too, so that they could use all of their senses to experience the two elements of fire and ice.