Moorland Waldorf School

Back to school!

The return to school this year was a very special one as Moorland Waldorf has been closed since last March. Children and teachers hadn’t seen one another properly since before Easter, although we did take the unprecedented step of using some technology to help support the pupils through such very long period. It was a challenge for everyone – parents, teachers, children – to stay focussed and optimistic, to try to keep up with schoolwork, to stay fit and happy. We all learnt things about ourselves, our environment and what’s important in our lives. But September saw us reopen our doors, albeit in rather different ways, and look forward to being together in School again. We must abide by strict coronavirus safety rules and the arrangements we have in place are working well. We’re fortunate that our entire school is just one ‘bubble’ and the children can all be together. We’ve embraced the great outdoors even more than usual – open-air activities are the new normal.

If parents have any questions about our coronavirus precautions or any anxieties about the health and safety of their children, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We hope to get through to Christmas without too much disruption!