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ECTE Moorland Waldorf School Hardship Fund

At the Eskdale Community Trust for Education, we have a dream, and that is that one day Waldorf Education will be free and accessible for all, but we cannot do this without help from others. As a first step in this direction, we are fundraising for our new Hardship Fund, dedicated to help parents who have found themselves in financial difficulty, due either to the impact of covid-19 or to other significant changes in their circumstances. We recently received a legacy of £1,000 from Mrs Joyce Gaynor and we will use this to start our Hardship Fund. Legacies like this are a vital part of our fundraising efforts and we are extremely grateful for this contribution.

Our target of £35,000 is ambitious. We believe that our existing school fees of £3,500 a year are currently the lowest of any Waldorf school in the country and this has been made possible through the hard work of teachers, volunteers, the support of the Esk Valley Camphill Community and the generosity of the families in our school and wider community, our alumni and our supporters. A hardship fund of £35,000 would allow ten children to attend our school free of charge, or many more children to attend at a subsidised rate.

We know times are hard for everyone at the moment. But if you have a connection to the Moorland Waldorf School (formerly known as Botton School), or a passion for Waldorf Education, or if you believe that Waldorf Education should be available to all, no matter what their financial circumstances, then please consider giving to our fund. Even a small donation will make a difference.

Please give here if you can. Fundraiser by Eskdale Community Trust For Education : ECTE Moorland Waldorf School Hardship Fund (

Thank you.

The Fundraising Team