Moorland Waldorf School


The children of Class 1/2/3/4 have been working with great enthusiasm on a mandala during their craft lessons.  The mandala’s focus is on numbers and it was started with a human being at the centre, for the number one.  The children have been very engaged and have shown great creativity and inventiveness. And with all it’s herbs and spices, it smells wonderful in the classroom!

The children in the main class also have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and particularly looking at the peacock butterfly which loves nettles. We had a Native American story about how nettles came into being and about their healing properties.  We then donned our gloves and went to pick some nettles, making sure to say “thank you” so as not to get stung.  We then made nettle crisps, drank nettle tea and boiled some to make a dye.  The dye was not as successful as we hoped but we spoke about how we could improve the method and possible causes for it not working  and we agreed, some more reluctantly than others, that we should do it again.  If at first you don’t succeed try and try again!  A good life lesson!