Moorland Waldorf School

Our Big News!

Moorland Waldorf School and Kindergarten has reopened!  

After another long period in lockdown, in which children were once again taught from home, isolated from their classmates and teachers, and many parents faced the challenge of doing the day job and at the same time helping to support their children’s learning, everyone is relishing the chance for a bit more normality – and routine – in their lives.  The teachers are really looking forwards to being with their pupils again and we’re sure the children will be pleased to see them too. 

While restrictions continue, we do our best to keep the children’s experience of school as close as possible to our usual ways of working.  There are inevitably some changes – but lots of time outdoors and plenty of fresh air can only be a good thing! – and most of these changes are things that parents will be more aware of than the children.

In the first days back, we’ve celebrated World Book Day and the power and positivity of books, which have been a lifeline for so many during periods of lockdown.  The children have risen to the occasion with some brilliant costumes and ideas.

We have several bits of other good news for our ‘new start’.

First this new website, which has been developed over the last months. We worked with a former pupil of Botton School, Ryan Joiner, on the design and content of the site. His knowledge of both the school and the area have been invaluable in helping to create what we think is a really beautiful online environment.  We love the new look, especially the logo which, with its nurturing mother sheep, tells a story about both our school and our location.  We hope you’ll find the site useful and interesting and welcome all feedback on content and how we might best use it.

We’re very proud of our small school and believe that we have a great deal to offer in the region.  So, from now on, we’ll be using social media more to promote Moorland Waldorf and let people know we’re here and what we have to offer local families.  Please do follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share with others. 

As we come out of lockdown into a world where we can do more all together again, watch out for new Moorland Waldorf initiatives.  We want to be part of our wider community – and we’re keen to know any ideas that you may have to help us do that.