Moorland Waldorf School

Here come the summer holidays!

Here come the summer holidays …… and as always, the end of term is a busy time for us here at Moorland Waldorf and especially this year, when we’ve been trying to pack in more than ever to make up for lost time during the winter lockdown.  
The children have spent a lot of time in the great outdoors, with opportunities for all ages to enjoy – and learn from – the wonderful surroundings we have here in Danby Dale and further afield on the moors and the coast.   Local geography has been one of the themes for our main class this term, so the children have been out and about to learn more about the geography and wildlife of our area.  They’ve walked, camped and whittled their way through the last weeks of term. 
The younger children in kindergarten don’t miss out.  They’ve walked to the ‘magical’ woods and lake at the back of the dale, visited a local farm (where the horse, Cracker, is the regular recipient of our school scrap bucket) and run on the beach at Sandsend.  
We have to thank our hard-working teachers, assistants and volunteers for making these trips possible and thank the children for making them all such fun.  
Sadly, we say goodbye to some of our older children at the end of term.  They move on to different destinations,  locally, in the county, and in one case abroad.  We send them on their way with our love and wish them the very best in their next educational adventures.